Friday, June 5, 2009

A Giant, Robotic, Albino House Finch - need I say more

Fellow bird dreamer and blog contributer, Delia Guzman, has some fantastically entertaining bird dreams. I admit to being a bit jealous. Here's another winner she sent to me the other day... enjoy!

"The other night, I was birding with a bunch of older ladies, none of whom I knew. We were wandering along a path with some nest boxes on it when one of the ladies opened a nest box and found a leucistic male HOUSE FINCH [Carpodacus mexicanus]. His crown was pinkish with white feathers interspersed in little splotches, and his body also had the white splotchy patches. He was beautiful -- that's all I could think."

House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) - leucistic male
Note: image is altered for demonstrative purposes - original found online here

"Suddenly, I noticed that the woman's (and the bird's, which she was holding) shadow cast on the nest box, as the sun had peeked out from behind a cloud. She was still holding the bird when it began to flutter -- and GROW. I immediately said, 'put it back in the box! The sun is making it grow!' but she panicked and just let it go. The bird continued to grow until it was about 200 feet tall -- only it wasn't a bird anymore. It was a giant Transformer-like robot! It crushed the nest box with its foot, and we all scrambled for cover. I thought that if the sun would only go behind the cloud again, it would shrink back to bird size and maybe we could catch it and put it back in the box. Suddenly, I was on a bus, though -- with the same ladies, apparently after we'd gotten away from the giant robot/bird. I had the feeling, and almost the memory, of the bird having shrunk back to normal size, and that I'd caught it and put it back into the box. Then I woke up."

Copyright 2009 - Delia Guzman (published with permission)

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