Monday, June 1, 2009

"Dreambird" - Inspiration & Visitation

Below is an image of the beautiful painting "Dreambird", along with the full blog entry, from Susan Cornelis' "Susan's Art and Sketchbook Blog". Hopefully, this will inspire similar creatures, bursting with color and magic, to visit all our dreams...

"The birds got the tops of the plums in the top branches of the tree in my studio garden this year. I harvested enough plums for eating and canning and giving away, so I certainly didn’t begrudge them their meals. So when this bird like creature appeared in my demonstration painting for the workshop, i wasn’t surprised, and the plums appeared quite naturally as well. A pretty nature piece, and that was that."

"Dreambird" - Copyright 2008 Susan Cornelis

"Then last night after the workshop I had a dream that I was visiting some people and this bird with unusual shimmering feathers appeared. It actually walked right up to me, so I bent down and put out my cupped hands, a wee bit frightened that it might bite, since it looked like a bird of prey at first. But it climbed into my palms and was the softest thing I’d ever held. Then it started to vibrate and shake, sending such electrifying sensations through my whole body that I gasped. Sparks of some invisible substance were spraying off it and covering me. It felt like that giggle that perches just on the edge of bearable when you’re tickled. You’re afraid you won’t be able to stand it, but you can’t bear to have it stop either. It did stop of course when I woke up and could almost still feel the softness in my hand. So which do you suppose came first? the plum, the bird, or the dream bird?" - July 8th, 2008

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