Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brushing the Cobwebs Off This One

Upon awakening the morning after the dream mentioned in my last post, I mistakenly presumed that was the first time I'd dreamt about hummingbirds. It wasn't until I finished writing today that I remembered a fantastic hummingbird dream from several months ago.

I was walking along a dirt road through a Central Texas forest; lots of juniper, and other small trees. A couple of friends were with me, but I was keeping my eyes out for birds. Movement in a tree to my right drew my attention. It was a hummingbird! Holy Cow, a dream first! Like a real hummer this one zoomed away after only a few seconds. Also much like in the real world, I didn't move but a skoche or two from that spot; anticipating an eventual return. 

Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufous) - male
Image online here

The little guy did not disappoint. It did, however, play coy a bit by nervously hovering from leaf-cluster to leaf-cluster for a while. We birders have it rough, don't we? It eventually moved into the open. It was essentially a Rufous Hummingbird but it had a magenta gorget and two splendidly long streamer-like tail feathers - also orange.  Very cool, indeed!

Here is where my memory gets a bit sketchy after 7+ months. I came across other hummingbirds, in the middle act of the dream, but no specifics are coming.  

I continued to walk down a path that intersected Shoal Creek at the north end of Pease Park. This is a popular park, containing over a mile of Shoal Creek, bordering the west side of downtown Austin.  Feeling easy n' breezy, I lay down on the far bank.  Shoal Creek is a rocky, bone dry, stream bed 95%+ of the year.  Spring flowers to my left, dry creek and park to my right, and a perfectly lazy sky above.  Could it get any better?  You bet. 

Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) - male
Image online here

I wasn't long into my cumulous reverie when another flying gem graced my presence.  A hummingbird buzzed up to a flower, right next to me.  In fact, he hovered directly over my face!  At that moment the neatest thing happened! Everything stopped moving.  Like a scene out of "The Matrix", my point-of-view became external of my body.  I was free to move this "camera" to anywhere, any angle, I wanted.  Of course, I used this opportunity to check out the hummer in amazing detail. This was when it became obvious the visitor was a male Anna's Hummingbird.  These are the kind of moments where words are inadequate.  It was awesome!  Truly, one of my favorite dream experiences. 

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