Monday, October 19, 2009

Bird Dream Drama

In scene one I found myself in a hospital room, waiting for the results of a checkup. I was eventually informed by non-medical staff that one prescription I was receiving was for a potentially fatal condition. Without this drug I would surely die young. This was the first I was hearing of such a diagnosis (the dream environs did not make this less troubling news). Anxious and distraught, I insisted on further information from medical personnel.

A nurse appeared and counseled me about this disease, using a brochure as a visual aid. One thing I do remember about the malady was it was named for a person; beyond that nothing else. She also told me about a form I could fill out on paper, or online. It would allow my doctor(s) to monitor my symptoms, directly and immediately, between office visits. This did help calm me down.

In scene two I was looking up a friend's name in a search engine. I believe this was with the intention of finding her most recent email address so I could update her on my hospital visit results.

(From here on the dream jumped forward a bit choppily...)

I then drove to her house. Not finding anyone there, I left to track her down (for some reason I felt concerned for her safety). I then spontaneously transformed in to a songbird - which species I don't remember. I immediately flew high above her house, and neighborhood attempting, to find her distinctive car.

"Georgian Style" flower garden, closely resembling the dreamscape.
Image found online here

I then went into a steep dive, flying and weaving through neighbors' yards. I lingered in one that was beautifully arrayed with islands of blooming flowers. Two other birds, and some butterfly's were also availing themselves of this oasis. I recognize the two other birds as long-time friends. One a Mountain Bluebird the other an American Kestrel.

Mountain Bluebird (Sialia curricoides) - Male
Image found online here

American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) - Male
Image found online here

A conflict suddenly arose! An attack by other birds apparently, including one other small hawk. One of the last images was my bluebird friend on the ground, ostensibly unconscious, in the grass at the base of some flowers. As the dream was fading, I was about to land on the grass next to my bluebird comrade toward to see if I could help.

Just the kind of scenario I was hoping to avoid when the dream ended... ouch!
Image found online here

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