Friday, February 27, 2009

"Window of Words" - A Poem by J. "Kyron" Hanson

From what horizon do

these dreambirds wing?
Thoughts of possibility
and hope they bring.
Their presence always breeds
cheer and wonder.
They need no star's glint for
blazing color.

Through maze of angst and drear
they sing and sing.
What do time's worries mean
to them? Nothing.
Their stories and travels
no page can hold.
Bringing light to darkness,
turning fear bold.

They defy mere legends,
bring Truth to lore.
Whether Finch or Raven
quoth - "Nevermore!"
Imagination turn'd
Phoenix in sleep;
It is they who reveal us
our Souls to keep.

All mysteries enshroud
their to and fro.
"Wing'd Blessings" - angels
deem apropos.

Print nor speech increase
their mien a whit.
Quiet reverie's best -
receive and sit.

Whether fortune or luck
which bring them here;
Whether 'tis chance or Fate -
we do not care.

Yea, a dreambird's feathers
heal trouble's blight.
I thank God for you, one
and all, each night.

Copyright 2009 - J. Kyron Hanson

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