Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Dreambirding Experiment

Over the past couple of days, I've been brushing up on dream induction, and recollection techniques {more on that at a later date}. The reason? Simple - the bird dreams seem to be drying up.

As best I can tell, one thing that affects my dreambirding frequency is intense new bird-oriented experiences. For example, I recently spent time in the St. Louis area. While there, I studied a few books about birds found around the world. I also made four visits to the world class St. Louis Zoo. I was blessed with the opportunity to spend several hours studying their scores of exotic bird species. Exquisite! Perhaps as a result, I had some of the most interesting bird dreams I've had to date during that time of rich real-world experiences.

Before bed tonight, I'm going to give some time to Rosair & Cottridge's "Photographic Guide to the Shorebirds of the World". On Saturday, I'm going to checkout Austin Avian Rescue at J & M Aviaries. Sunday will find me paying visits to a few pet stores specializing in birds.

Austin Avian Rescue & Rehabilitation

Will any or all of these novel experiences trigger dreambirding? your bets now.

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