Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Dreambird" X Search Engine = Weirdness + Fun!

So for a bit of fun and fancy I decided to do a search, vaguely germane to this blog, on the everyone's favorite search engine to see what came up. Comedians, and/or writers, will recognize this post for the "filler" material it is - until stuff worth publishing comes along... but I digress.

Here's several of the first unique results from "dreambird" in Google:

1) Someone with "Dreambird"' for a profile in "Stumbleupon". This may be related to the next entry.

2) The "MySpace" page of a young woman with the handle of "dreambird" (this pseudonym of her's appears several times after this. I won't list them all here. She's already gotten enough free
pub here.)

3) A "Google Book" entitled "Dreambirds". It's a childrens picture book about a young Pacific Northwest Coastal tribe boy's spirit quest. Very impressive! You can bet you'll be reading a quote from that book in a post here soon. You can read the whole thing
here (you might have to have a Gmail account, sorry).

4) "Dreambird designs" - a blog; about what I'm not exactly sure. It appears inscrutably artsy for my level of obtuseness.

5) A hand made "Dreambird" journal being sold on - Interesting.

6) Not quite sure what this is about. But, I have to admit the two one liners are great!

7) "Dreambird camp" - in Gambia... cool! Link is broken... UNcool!

8) A 55 metre yacht "Your 'Dream Bird' in the oceans". And for a cool $8.5 million it can be. I'll take two please.
FYI: Everyone reading this is invited for one hell of a pleasure cruise... put it all on AIG's tab.

9) "Dream bird" productions. On IMDB no less. Sweet.

10) A hybrid Primrose named "Dreambird"... from India. Pretty, in a understated kind of way. Check it out here.

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Anonymous said...

#6 is a word aggregator. It searched for "dreambird" and that´s what came up.


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