Friday, January 9, 2009

A Truely Great Migration

The "Birding Boot Camp" post reminds me of a dream I had over a year ago. I was in my parent's backyard, deep in the Berkshire hills of Massachusetts. Over the duration of the dream I wandered, mesmerized, for several hundred yards in a general southwest direction.

My attention was captivated by an incredible phenomenon turned fantastical in the dreamworld. The majority of the dream was simply witnessing an enormous migration taking place high overhead. The magnitude was easily in the hundreds of thousands, maybe more. The progression was continuous, spanning horizon to horizon, rather than in distinct groupings.  Hawkwatchers call this a "river" of migrants. 

All those little specks?... Yep, migrating hawks.  Magical stuff to witness. I miss hawkwatching. 
Image online here 

It would have been amazing enough had it just been birds.  This migration was truly epic; how varied and disparate the species were. It even included fish, cetaceans (porpoises, whales) and jellyfish! As if that weren't enough, the color experience was psychadelic. All the animals glowed with an opalescent aura.  Far. Out.  The mileu was cinematic. The surreality and impossibility awe-inspiring.  It generated a positive feeling that carried long into the real world.

When things get a bit too weird in a dream, I usually awaken feeling uneasy.    However, despite this being the most bizarre dream I've had with birds, I loved it. I'm thrilled to share this departure from the pedestrian dreambirding experiences.  And, blogging it allows me to really savor what a gift this was. Hope there's more where that came from.

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